Our motto is “We succeed when our clients succeed”. We apply our motto by using the guiding principal that every legal action taken by our firm must makes good business sense. More importantly, we ask the overriding question,”How does the action we are taking benefit our clients?”

We do this by resolving legal issues with the application of reason, imagination and hard work. We solve our clients’ immediate legal issues and pro-actively anticipate their future legal needs in order to avoid further disputes and minimize legal costs.

We remain at the forefront of the laws affecting our clients by actively participating and/or serving on the board of various organizations including CALPASC, Remodelors Association, and DVBA. Our firm proudly participates in the trade associations’ lobbying efforts on both state and federal level as well as on matters near and dear to the construction trades. We are most proud of our efforts to publish articles, host practical hands-on-training workshops, as well as participate in panel discussions with other professionals on topics that directly affect our client’s interests.